joi, 30 decembrie 2010

Music is life

Pick your Group: Evanescence
Are you a male or female:  Like you
Describe yourself: Broken
How do you feel:  The only one
Describe where you currently live:  Farther away
If you could go anywhere, where would you go:  Going Under
Your favorite form of transportation:  Your star
Your best friend:  My tourniquet
You and your best friend are:  Weight of the world
What's the weather like:  Imaginary
Favorite time of day:  Snow white queen
If your life was a TV show what would it be called: Breathe no more
What is life to you:  Sweet sacrifice
Your relationship: Together again
Your fear: Lies
What is the best advice you have to give:  Call me when you’re sober
Thought for the Day:  Bleed
 My motto:  Bring me to life

What I'm dreaming of: My Immortal

11 comentarii:

  1. De ce ai ales si tu Evanescence?:O :O

  2. Erin . Stii ca aveam salvat in pc . Inaintea ta .
    Asa ca taci :P

  3. si acesta este primul si ultimul totodata text-postare pe care l am citit in seara aceasta si sper ca maine sa te gandesti la o declaratie de dragoste cat mai sugestiv posibila >:D< . ( cand imi pun in minte sa fac ceva si chiar imi place, sigur nu am de pierdut decat timpul dar este in favoarea mea deci nu ma plang) :* sper sa mai scrii cate ceva ;))

  4. Nici nu ma gandesc la declaratii , sa stii .

  5. E foarte frumos, ca de obicei :))
    La postarea asta nu prea am ce sa comentez numa faptul ca sunt surprinsa de creativitatea ta. Desi stiam ca ai asa ceva. To t imi place ceea ce vad. :)

  6. Mersi pentru completare . Am adaugat ;)